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encaustics and felt

March 14, 2013
by jill

Encaustic Monoprinting

I recently picked up an anodized plate to start trying out some encaustic monoprinting.  So far have just been playing around ..lifting abstract bits with mulberry paper.  It’s fun to cut them up and use them elsewhere.  The paper absorbs the wax so well and then is so versatile. It is pliable and stitch-able and you can add marks (before or after) and so much more.  I love using the bits and pieces of this wax up paper in encaustic collage.

The plate was a bit pricey. I bought a 6X8 plate and it was about $25.  I mentioned this to a friend whose husband owns a machine shop and shortly thereafter a stack of anodized plates arrived on my doorstep. Thanks Nat and JP!  Now if I can only get my hands on a few extra griddles and figure out how to not blow all the fuses in my house… I can plan that spring crafty day in the back yard with a few friends.

Here are a couple of pieces using some of these bits of paper…

November 24, 2012
by jill

Fishing for Treasures ?


About a year ago I saw this on the ground at the bus stop. I have no idea what it is or what it might have been used for.  I do have a bad habit of picking things up off the ground…bits of rusted metal or whatever catches my eye that seems to say to me “hey I’d be much happier embedded in beeswax than lying here on the ground”. But this thing was much bigger than the usual tiny bit of treasure that I can quietly palm without getting too many weird looks.  For several days it sat there while I stole glances at it out of the corner of my eye and wondered if I’d look like a total weirdo if I scooped it up and tucked it under my arm.  On the 4th day home from work when the sky threatened rain …I couldn’t stand it any more and it came home with me where it took up residence in my basement next to all the other bits I will find a use for someday…honest I will…I think.   Anyway, there it sat for a year until I finally decided to give it a sanding and  a few coats of encaustic gesso.  It had so many bumps and grooves and chunks missing  in the wood that it was fun to lay down the wax, along with bits of paper, and feel the textures building up. With the handy big hole  for hanging already there… it now lives on my wall instead of the basement floor.




November 24, 2012
by jill

mixed media using watercolour, ink, pan pastels, image transfers, maps and encaustic.



September 8, 2012
by jill

a whimsical weekend…


Do you remember having one of those old bread boards that pulled out above the cutlery drawer? We had one growing up. This one was given to me by my friend Toby which had belonged to his mother. Peaking out in the roof is a bread recipe. I used a photo of a stone building that I took in Quebec city. It looked like a place where bread might be baking just beyond the red door. I could almost smell it!




June 13, 2012
by jill
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A great weekend at the Kings County Studio Tour

I am now back in Ottawa after a great weekend in NB for the Kings County Studio Tour. Many thanks to Ruth and Ed Coleman for very generously sharing their space with me.  They are amazing people and wonderful artists and I feel very lucky to have gotten to know them on this tour.  The  whole event exceeded all expectations for me!

One of the highlights was having the opportunity to purchase some beautiful earrings made by Ruth and a painting by Ed.

Here are a few pictures ….only a few of these pieces have come back to Ottawa with me as many have found new homes in NB.