Jill Dodd Art

encaustics and felt



Originally from Saint John New Brunswick, Jill Dodd now lives in Ottawa Ontario. In 2008 she fell in love with felting at the Fibre Festival in the Saint John City Market.  She began working in fibre creating felt “paintings” through needle and wet felting.

In 2011 Jill started to work in encaustics, creating layered and textured paintings with beeswax and then incorporating her first love – fibre.  Jill likes to explore new mediums and continues her learning through courses and workshops offered in the Ottawa area.

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to the the textures and the tactile experience of working with both felt and wax.

In felting I begin by laying out very thin layers of delicate and soft wool roving. Slowly I build up layers of roving,silk and yarns adding colours and  eventually shapes and images. Though the outcome can be controlled to some extent, it is the unknown that pulls me in. After adding soap, water and beginning the laborious physical process of felting the wool to shrink the fibres the best part is unrolling the piece to see what is emerging in the image.  After rinsing and drying, details are added with needle felting to finish off the piece.

It is the same love of textures and the tactile element that led to my interest in working with encaustics. The ability to embed just about anything in luminous layers of beeswax is hard to resist. Layers are created by using heat to fuse each layer to the previous layer of wax. Paper,metal,organic materials and just about anything can be embedded in these layers. Digging back in the layers to add lines and marks or to reveal what is underneath is one of the most satisfying aspects of this medium.  Wax is playful and forgiving and for me painting is a spontaneous experience. I often begin by gathering various materials and seeing what emerges with little planned in advance. I prefer painting on rough scraps of wood long abandoned in peoples basement and garages. They are chunky and uneven with grooves and knots. Their imperfections seem to have the beginnings of their own story to tell. I love how they feel and change as I add layers.