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Sketchbook Project


It’s seems like such along time ago that I received my sketchbook in the mail from the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project.  I thought I might have had it’s pages filled by the time we made our family trip to Brooklyn this past July so I could hand deliver it …well that did not happen.  It has been on my own book shelf for quite some time now. Ready to stick in the mail and join the more than 30,000 sketchbooks on the shelves of the library in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn. I am not sure why I haven’t sent it yet except that maybe I have become too attached to it.  It was my first experience of keeping a sketchbook or visual journal.  A new lifelong habit for sure.


My visit to the Brooklyn Art Library was wonderful. Early one morning, I left my husband and daughters to hang out in our rented Williamsburg apartment so that I could go and visit the library on my own. I had a limited amount of time as my family was busy getting organized for the day’s adventure. Needless to say, I arrived before it opened and had the pleasure of wandering around a bit to kill time before the doors opened. Any opportunity to see more NYC street art is time well spent!

DSC_2498 DSC_2509

DSC_2510DSC_2512 DSC_2503


Finally the doors opened and I spent a wonderful hour browsing the stacks.  You couldn’t take the books off the shelves yourself but with the help of an ipad you could “browse ” the  stacks. Once you had selected the book you wanted to view, the staff person would bring the actual sketchbook to you at the long wooden table along with the book housed beside it on the shelf as a bonus! Brilliant.  As much as I enjoyed viewing the book that I had purposefully selected,  it was the extra book that appeared before me that offered the most unexpected pleasure.  Some beautiful, some bizzare, one a sad visual journey of loss and illness…all with a multitude of textures and differing media.  The shelves themselves offered so much visual candy.



The room  was a place I would have loved to spend an entire day. Next time!

DSC_2519 DSC_2517

Stay tuned for my own sketchbook pages…


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