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Altered Magazine Pages


I have been seeing a lot about using Citra Solv to alter National Geographic pages and decided to give it a try. I couldn’t find the particular product anywhere but, after reading the ingredient list, and with the help of  Google,  I found our north of the border version called Orange a-p-e-e-l. It’s a highly concentrated cleaner, created from the seeds and peels of oranges.  You definitely want to do this project outside with lots of ventilation. Cover yourself up with gloves and old clothes and lay out some newspaper to work on as it gets pretty messy.   Apply Orange a-p-e-e-l  full strength onto the pages of the magazine and the ink will start to dissolve. I used sponge brushes to saturate the pages. Use paper towel to sop up the inky goo that will begin to seep out of the edges. You can rip out the pages with ads or a lot of text ahead of time as your best results will come from the pages that have lots of colourful photos. After about 10 minutes of letting the saturated magazine sit to do their magic you can pull the pages apart. Don’t worry if they stick together a bit as this will give some interesting abstract images.  You can also wipe away certain parts or scratch into it while it is still wet.  I hung mine outside for a good while to dry.  Not sure what I will use these for but ….I’ve got lots of great paper for my stash!









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