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encaustics and felt

Mark Making


Had some fun with cheesecloth, India ink and stamp pads while making marks.  Lots of fun using different items to mark up the cloth..pencil eraser, feather quill, thimble, make-up pads, popsicle sticks, egg carton, lego, etc…
This afternoon, I am headed out to pick up an embroidery hoop, needles and embroidery floss  (oh and some replacement cheesecloth  for Geoff’s kitchen).  Anyone know if there’s an embroidery for dummies book? I may need it!  Will see how these do with some beeswax after some stitching.

Cheesecloth and Ink





  1. I like your marks.

    Looking froward to seeing what you do with the embroidery. I have a very old needlework book (1970s) that has inspired me. I am sure Professor Google has lots of info.

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