Jill Dodd Art

encaustics and felt


  1. Cool. I love the colours and texture.

  2. I love your work. I was wondering if you give workshops. I’m really interested in paperclay but I would also love to know more about incorporating objets in encaustic. I also live in Ottawa. Inspiring stuff!

    • Hi Ann
      Thanks for the comments. I have only worked with paper clay this one time (though I did pick up some more and it has been calling me!) It was a lot of fun. In the end, I didn’t love the results when I added the beeswax to these pieces. I loved the natural organic look to them before I painted then. I never have things planned out too much so when I painted them I just kept going and going. Too many colours and too many layers and I ended up losing that organic look that I loved of the unpainted paperclay. Sometimes things are happy accidents and others times it just doesn’t work the way you hoped it would. I certainly plan to put paperclay and wax together again! Everything is an experiment. This applies to incorporating things into wax as well. I am constantly thinking to myself “I wonder how I could embed this in wax?” As a general rule, I have found that the heavier the object, the better it is to find a way to affix it to your piece in more than one way. You could glue down a heavier piece of paper or stitch or even nail something down before adding the beeswax. Lighter paper will almost dissolve into the molten wax. I love working with mulberry paper as it almost seems to disappear into the wax leaving behind any drawing, stitching or whatever you have added to it. I don’t give workshops myself but am always keen to take one! One of my favorite encaustic artists is Sue Ukola who gives workshops in Dunrobin (near Carp). I have not taken one of her classes but it is on my bucket list for sure! I did take an Introduction to Encaustics at the Ottawa school of Art with Jenny Mcmaster a few years ago (which I think is offered fairly often.) It’s a good introduction if you haven’t worked with encaustic before. Jenny does some great pieces with paper and stitch that I love. There are also a lot of really great books and videos out there. Some of my favorites are by Daniella Wolf, Lissa Rankin, Patricia B Seggebruch,Michelle Belto, and Joanne Mattera. ( I am sure there are a few I am forgetting). I hope this helps. Would love to hear how your paperclay and encaustic experiments unfold!

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